As COVID-19 sweeps around the world, millions are stuck at home. Despite this, CovLab Global is doing its best to bring people closer together, virtually. 

CovLab Global is a 3-week long online hackathon from April 13 to May 4th with the goal of helping people across the world collaborate on projects such as mobile apps, websites, and hardware that will help fight against the societal problems that COVID-19 has caused -- social isolation, loss of business income, the inability to be productive, and more. 

Founded by Ryan Lee and Christopher Dou, we hope to inspire others to come together and create impactful solutions to help people cope with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.


Thing to do


Step 1

Register on Devpost

You're already on our Devpost page, so just register here so we can keep you up to date!

Step 2

Join the CovLab Global Discord

Head over to our Discord server, and make yourself feel at home! This is where you'll be able to get mentorship, chat with other hackers, bounce ideas around, and find teammates! Make sure you introduce yourself at #welcome!

Step 3

Follow us on social media!

Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date!

Step 4

Follow CovLab Global on Twitch

We'll be streaming our workshops and ceremonies on our Twitch Channel or over Zoom!

Replays for all our streams can be found here!

We have a ton of fun activities planned, including an AMA with GitHub representative Juan Pablo Flores Cortés, a workshop on cloud deployment with echoAR, a workshop on ideation to implementation with Appetizer Mobile, live project demos, and more!

Opening ceremony is on April 20 at 10 AM EDT, and closing ceremony is on May 4 at 10 PM EDT.



We welcome all students worldwide! If you are a minor, please ask for your parent's consent before participating.  Questions can be sent to


Please include as much detail as possible in your Devpost submission, as this is primarily what we'll be judging off. Submitting screenshots and a link to your public GitHub repos is also very helpful for our judges. All Devpost submissions must include a 2 to 4 minute video.

Submissions are due on May 4, 2:00 PM (EST).

Hackathon Sponsors


$8,500 in prizes

1st Place

Seed Spot 2-Day Launch Camp Full Scholarship
1st Place Certificates
Top 10 Prizes
$500 Cash Award

2nd Place

Seed Spot 2-Day Launch Camp Full Scholarship
2nd Place Certificates
Top 10 Prizes
$300 Cash Award

3rd Place

Seed Spot 2-Day Launch Camp Full Scholarship
3rd Place Certificates
Top 10 Prizes
$300 Cash Award

Top 10 (10)

GitKraken Pro Licenses
CloudSploit 4 Month Licenses
Rob’s Vegan Chips Box shipped to you!
Top 10 Certificates
$50 Amazon Gift Cards

People's Choice

GitKraken Pro Licenses
People's Choice Certificates
$50 Amazon Gift Cards

Best Use of echoAR

echoAR Business Tier Access
Project featured in a newsletter for the AR/VR ecosystem
$50 Amazon Gift Card

All Hackers

Just by participating and joining our discord server, you'll get access to...

- 1 month of standard service from CloudSploit
- 30-day license to the full interview cake course
- Free upgrade to Taskade Pro
- 90-day plan for Balsamiq Cloud
- Stickers from ProductHunt
- Linode swag shipped to you
- echoAR platform access
- and more!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sponsors and Partners

Sponsors and Partners

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Social Impact
  • Technical Difficulty
  • Polish

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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